Emma Miley


  • Yoga Australia Registered Teacher Level 3
  • Senior Rainbow kids Yoga Teacher trainer
  • Pre and postnatal
  • Kids and Family
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Yoga Alliance 500hr and continued Education provider

Emma Miley Bio

I have had a love of movement and exploring the physical body for as long as I can remember. This love first took shape in my desire and dream to dance. I followed my passion for ballet from the age of 5 and after pursuing my life in dance for five years in Melbourne my dream came to a halt as injuries led me to change my path.

Luckily for me my next love was close by, I met my husband and from there our family grew. Together we supported 3 humans to blossom into beautiful beings and these loves became my passion, dream and life. Moving into motherhood was quite a shift both physically and mentally for me and who new that my next passion would appear right when I needed it.

Yoga. When yoga and I first met, it really was like coming home. A place I felt I was so aligned to. A place where I could rediscover my body and its healthy range of movement (quite a difference to the world of dance I grew up in). A place where I didn’t have to perform but instead just explore the feeling sense of the body so intricately. It was this wonderful inquisitive approach that encouraged me to be present and it was this presence that really changed my life.

Yoga helped me be the best version of myself I could be, both on and off the mat and this is what I became so passionate about sharing.

It was such an easy and natural progression for me and one I wanted to continue to explore on a deeper level, so it is no wonder my study into yoga has been in a range of styles.

Yoga today is so accessible and has many ways to in which to explore it, I am proud to be a part of this shift. In my yoga teacher offerings you can expect a safe, fun and curious practice, weaving yoga philosophy and functional movement. I love learning and sharing my knowledge to help promote, health, wellbeing and presence. I love what I do and because of that I feel better after a day of work and I feel so lucky to be able to say that. Smile and the world smiles back.

Phone: 0400 045 873
Email: emma@loosenup.com.au

Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Group Team Building, School Groups and Parties